image1 We all have a mission to leave the world better than we found it. It is my life ambition to have a positive influence on the disadvantaged youths of our society. I therefore intend to achieve this noble call through fund raising activities, and empowering the youth through mentorship programs and education. Under this foundation, the sick, the troubled and youths facing various life discords are covered. Apart from the youths, we also include their families as well and we generate awareness to the public as a whole on their needs.

image2 My foundation is very transparent in its activities and undertakings. If you participate you will form an important part in my mission by taking part in effortless but very important contributions. I therefore invite suggestions and ideas and hope you can hep spread Gary’s foundation gospel, to friends and family. By just doing that, you will be a gemstone in my foundation aimed at helping the youth development in the society. Your new ideas and initiatives are also welcomed.

image3 I believe that through brainstorming we can generate more ideas and help this foundation grow even stronger. We will therefore be able to support more youths and someday go worldwide. Feel free to reach out and get in touch with me at for any questions, financial spiritual or material contribution. I am ready to hear your story and offer help to the best of my ability. I can promise to be with you every step of the way until that point when you can stand on your own.


Big Brothers / Big Sisters

Dear Gary,

I was fortunate to have loving parents and realized the value of guidance at a young age. With the guidance of positive adults in my life, I attended Georgia Tech University, and was drafted into the National Football League to debut with the Green Bay Packers in 1994. By 1996, I had realized my dream of winning a Super Bowl.

Having grown up on Long Island, I see the issues children are facing. Today, we are losing our youth to the streets, even right here on Long Island.Unless we as men and women do something about it, it will become an epidemic.

I am a Big Brother. I wanted to give back and what better way than to share my time with a young man who needs it most. I cannot say that my experience so far has been easy. I have faced challenges with my Little Brother, with the choices he has made relating to peer pressure. However, I know that my role in his life is a positive one. I make sure to surround him with positive experiences and people.

I am a constant in his life. To see him smile and to hear him repeat some of the things I have shared, I know I am making a difference.

It’s time to step up. There is a growing list of Little Brothers waiting for a Big- and they need you.


Gary Brown, BBBSLI Big Brother
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